mandag 29. mars 2010

Easter vacation and a new sketch collage

my first 3 days of my easter vacation have passed, and I have been playing Pokemon Soulsilver too much... I took a break from it and drew this!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did while making it~

I might update this post with more sketches as I make some. just to save space and posting.

Hope your easter will be great, folks!

- Grethe B

torsdag 25. mars 2010

Free comic book day posters

A new year, and a new free comic book day :D
at least... the first one :P

This event is already 8th of May.

I and Kim(A very good friend of me) made each version.I made the Gurren Lagann poster
Kim made the TMNT poster.

I really like how the Layout and both of our skills have developed since our first posters we made last year. This is a fun thing to do 2 times a year :D

For the Norwegians who are gonna attend, We will see you there ;D

tirsdag 23. mars 2010

Sketch collage #001

just recently got my working computer formatted and installed with Windows 7 at the school and it is now working like a blast compared to windows vista.
Also... Getting the comp freshed up was great!Made this right after I got it back :D
TMNT, pokemon and etc fanart/artworks for fun~

Thought about this since I finished it before the clock reached 24:00...
will upload this as a bonus for today.
hmm... I like drawing these sketches :D

I also got my bum around to finish a Art-Trade with a artist on DeviantArt:

urgh...I think I need to work on my furry art style more... really... I´m more the 80´s simple style XD sorry.


onsdag 17. mars 2010

Better get some sketches up ~

As the title says ; )

I have been doodling alot today and got some linearts I want to show.
I´m practicing on other artists styles atm, just to experiment and cause it is fun.
But I think I will try to make some large project soon.

My Original character as a pokemon trainer, to try out Ken Sugimori´s art style <3

And I have also practiced on the style of Alessandro and Barbara who drew Witch and Skydoll.
I have met Barbara in real life and she inspired me so much by just being there, and I hope I will see them both by later date at a Raptus festival in Bergen.

Well, talking about original characters and styles, here is some of my own concepts and styles that I use most of the time.
This is a pic of my character in her third form. A 100% dragon.
I know this one looks buff and manly, but I kind of like the large paws and muscles here and there. Makes the character look a bit strong rather than skinny and weak.
So here are some drawing for the moment. Since I have just moved, all my stuff is in boxes and I don´t get enough time to sit down and draw, unless I´m at school and we don´t have anything to do for an hour. then I might do some sketches and work on them later :)

So, this was all for this time. Hope to post soon again with some new art.

- Grethe B

tirsdag 16. mars 2010

My first post =O

first post on this blog site? oh, wow!

uhm... what shall I write? hmm ... H-hello?- Argh! not the best first impression X)

Okey, right to the point *points with the index finger*

My name is Grethe and goes under the alias Grethe B on the interwebs.
I´m a art loving artist who studies media atm and wanted to make a blog that I can post some sketches and thoughts through a day(oh- not EVERY day D= Poor guys who is reading this if I did).
My interests are wide and varied and can be from videogames to comics, from drawing to hanging with friends and so on.
I will try to be short, so for more info about me, you can visit my different community pages I´m a member of like:

So I hope I will manage to upload as much as I wish in a regular basis, and that you will enjoy it~

- Grethe B