tirsdag 16. mars 2010

My first post =O

first post on this blog site? oh, wow!

uhm... what shall I write? hmm ... H-hello?- Argh! not the best first impression X)

Okey, right to the point *points with the index finger*

My name is Grethe and goes under the alias Grethe B on the interwebs.
I´m a art loving artist who studies media atm and wanted to make a blog that I can post some sketches and thoughts through a day(oh- not EVERY day D= Poor guys who is reading this if I did).
My interests are wide and varied and can be from videogames to comics, from drawing to hanging with friends and so on.
I will try to be short, so for more info about me, you can visit my different community pages I´m a member of like:

So I hope I will manage to upload as much as I wish in a regular basis, and that you will enjoy it~

- Grethe B

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